Fantastical Orchestra

Brandon Mysicka


During the summer of 2016, Brandon Mysicka moved to Portland, Oregon to live in the basement of his cousins house and work with his hands. In this fateful summer, Brandon spent, "about 99% of time on music." He had been creating electronic dance music prior, mostly just to post on SoundCloud and share with his friend, but something different was happening. Brandon had been learning how to orchestrate electronically and was experimenting with mixing orchestral music with traditional electronic sounds, to create something he describes as "fantastical orchestral." The sounds of different tracks began to align, and before he knew it, he had an EP on his hands. 

Brandon felt something about this new music that he had not felt about his previous creations. That the world should see it. In the fall of 2016, he began to send the music to blogs and it first got picked up by a San Jose music collective, the Smile High Club, and soon Brandon had a message in his SoundCloud inbox from a writer for NEST HQ, the taste-making dance music site run by Skrillex & Co. Ecstatic, he started sending the project out to other blogs, as the listens on SoundCloud began to pick up. His biggest hit "Escape" got a feature on a Run The Trap playlist, and interestingly enough his music was finding fans abroad. "What was really kinda strange was when people from Vietnam were messaging me on Facebook about my music," Mysicka remembered, laughing. Brandon's experimental mentality and technical prowess helped create a really remarkable EP, which has carried him toward a possible career path. 

Working with Mutt Studios, an indie video game developer, Brandon is currently composing soundtracks for upcoming projects, and has gotten interest from others in the industry. He found the job through Reddit, on r/gamedevclassifieds. He enjoys this type a work a lot, as it allows him, "to explore anything I want to become a jack of all trades, but a master of none." 

The OWL is proud to feature Mysicka's breathe EP in its entirety. We hope you enjoy it. 


Nic Grunewald

Senior Nic Grunewald has made a name for himself. That name is Coastal. Grunewald wrote the first single under the Coastal moniker when he was a sophomore, staying up late and developing a sound the artist refers to as, “sort of a rusty, hungover kind of thing.” Nic then found some much needed space and time to think while studying for a semester in Prague. Reflecting on his own experience after the first two years of college and incorporating the stories of the people he encountered while in the Czech Republic, Nic tapped into a deep feeling of belonging that persists throughout the Stray Dog EP. Over three gruelling 12-hour days in December 2015, Nic recorded all of the songs for Coastal’s first major release. The story then treads into mythic territory, as Grunewald and his producer Jarret Nicolay exchanged emails back and forth between Washington D.C. and California, tweaking the album until it was perfect. Stray Dog was released in February 2016 and can be heard via the SoundCloud link above. 

As far as what’s next, Nic wants to keep growing as a creator and focus on constant improvement. He currently fronts an SCU band called, “The BackStacks”, who’ve gained more notoriety on campus since the beginning of this year. We’re hopeful the OWL will be able to feature more work from Grunewald and BackStacks in the future.