a stroll through my future graveyard

Danna D’Esopo

the moon in the sky
does not shine bright enough
for you to read
the name recurrent
on every headstone.

not for

the girl gifted
a choker of crimson
delivered by a man who treated
his knife like his limb
and snuck in with the breeze
from her window.

the girl whose throat burst
with Panic! At the Disco lyrics
her hands clenched
onto the steering wheel
until her car screamed
verses flash to screams
as she released her last breath.

the girl last seen at midnight
walking near empty tennis courts
jumps as sprinklers awaken
pepper spray slips through sweaty palms
tumbles to the sidewalk
left behind as she’s pulled to the shadows.

the girl who choked
not on inhaling food
but by the thought of it.

the girl who laid still
amongst carved pumpkins and wooden stakes
circus clowns and an unplugged strobe light
whose pleas for help blended
with the chorus of teens
parading around the gravel labyrinth.

the girl whose eyes
blinked at blank walls
shivers run like mice across her body
until the wheel
left of her chest
stopped spinning.