Cough Syrup

Kellan Weinberger

It started
                  With a paper towel windpipe
                  Molten forehead
                  And chilled weak limbs
Grape mercury my counter-measure
                  Let it glide down my throat
                                    Warm my innards
                  Let my eyelids become iron
                                    Flip the off switch we all wish we had
That purple mercury with excellent taste
                  Brought adventure to a dry and wasted life

I just planned to sleep
                  Who knew I’d become a spy jennifer lawrence by my side
                                    Working to save the world
                                                      From one of my best friends

                  Who knew I’d leap on a cosmic trampoline
                                    Bouncing in between galaxies
                                                      Alongside my prom date
I don’t regret never kissing

A wicked lead sleep
                  With an addictive adventure to follow
I promise
                  I had just planned on going
To sleep

Night after night
                  My mind granted free access
                                    By that holy syrup

Day after day a crude awakening
                  To sunlight and Kanye West’s Good Morning

The sickness faded with rest
                  But I still desired the adventure
                                    The night time release
                  So the liquid continued to stain my esophagus

But my night time adventure supply
                  Ran dry
I was forced out of my lives
                  Back into
                                    The one where I can truly live and truly die