The Answers

By Sarah Luther


If you hate the way he looks at you when you’re sleeping
Go night running through alleys and around street corners

If you feel cornered and can’t find your way home
Call the spider an uncle and stay a little while

If you don’t have the time and you’re feeling rushed
Turn the nearest clock to 5 o’clock and drink something

If you’re drunk on plane so your stomach won’t sink
Think of the first time you fell in love with a liar

If you hate liars from the bottom of your heart
Try breaking someone else’s in a matter of a minute

If you feel for a minute like nothing matters
Walk to the edge of life and let a newborn baby squeeze your finger

If your fingers are bleeding from a hard day’s work
Move the bandaids to your mouth and start to listen

If you listen close and you can’t hear wedding bells
Slide a ring on your finger and pledge allegiance to yourself

If you’ve already pledged your allegiance to the flag
Ask yourself if your blood is red, white, or blue

If your blood is red but you’re feeling blue
Take to the sky and check out the view

If the view overtakes you and you can’t bear to depart
Ask the locals which cloud has room for a night

If you’re on cloud nine and you’ve found your home
Thank the pilot that brought you or write a poem