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Help Wanted- Microagressions Educational Video

What's up my pals, comrades, classmates, and acquaintances?

I'd like to share with you a fabulous opportunity to do good work for your school and community.

I'm making a video with help from the MCC to educate our community about microaggressions. Essentially a microaggression is a "a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination" -- ty Google.

These types of comments can be directed towards any number of a person's identity (race/ethnicity, age, SES, sexual orientation, height, political thought, religion, physical appearance, sex, gender identity, and beyond) and are usually intended as a compliment. Our video will hopefully educate people to consider different perspectives on how their words are interpreted.

For the video I'm asking you to recall a microaggression you've encountered (be it one directed towards you, a friend's story, you overheard it at a party, etc.). I'll also ask you a few other questions on the matter to expand on the impact such an instance can have. Furthermore, you can appear on screen with others -- just sign up at the same time slot.

Therefore, if you're down, please sign up on this Google Sheets form.

If you're not down, but have a friend who may be, please spread the word. The more Broncos we have involved, the stronger our community can get!

Thanks and let's make this dope,

Rhonda Teeny

*Still confused about what a microaggression is? Check out this video that does a nice job of explaining it!