My Morning Routine

By Tessie Berghoff


I always see articles advertising “5 things to start your day off right” or “a morning routine that will make you super productive.” I never believed any of these articles, but I am here to tell you that I have found a wonderful morning routine. 

Every morning, I get up around 8 AM. I put on a pot of coffee and while that is brewing, I start making my banana pancakes (which are key to a great morning, so I will attach my recipe below). While I’m eating my pancakes and drinking my coffee, I pull out my journal. Let me preface this step with some context. A couple months ago I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. In the book, Cameron introduces “morning pages” as a transformative practice for creativity and daily life. “Morning pages” just entail writing three pages every morning on whatever comes to mind. I started doing this every morning and didn’t see the point of it, but after a couple months, it has become a sort of meditation for me every morning. Writing anything that comes to my mind for three pages allows me to get it all out before starting my day. I have noticed feeling a lot more grounded and relaxed throughout the day since I started writing. It may not seem like a big deal, but I recommend this to everyone. Just try it.

Tessie’s Banana Pancakes


1 banana

1 egg



Peanut Butter



Mash up one banana in a bowl. Mix in one egg and a dash of cinnamon. Heat up a pan and spread a little butter over it. Pour out half the mixture for one pancake and add blueberries. Make the second pancake with blueberries as well. Then spread peanut butter over each pancake on a plate. Cut up a few strawberries, put them on top of your pancakes, and enjoy!