Top Five Destinations I Would Like to Travel (That I Have Not Seen Before)

By Ally O'Connor

Today, I was thinking about an exciting family winter break trip to New York; as a longtime dancer and performer, the ability to watch the Rockettes' precision kick-lines or a Broadway show has always been a dream. Below is a list of five other locations I would love to see someday:


1.  Mykonos, Greece: 

Admittedly, I have wanted to visit Greece since I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding as a child. At one point in the film, Aunt Vuola describes her birthplace, Mykonos, an island known for its peoples’ creation of lamps decorated with beautiful seashells. Although my interest began with one of my favorite movies, the images I have seen of the island are breathtaking. The buildings are picturesque and the white sand beaches beside the deep blue Aegean Sea are gorgeous.


2.  New Orleans, Louisiana:

Someday, when I am over twenty-one, and able to visit the famed jazz clubs and enjoy Mardi Gras parties, I would love to visit New Orleans. From what I have seen in films, the architecture in the French Quarter is amazing. In addition to the city’s visual appeal, traditional New Orleans food, like gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets, is a gigantic draw. I would also like to see the Superdome, mostly because of its historic significance in Hurricane Katrina.


3.  Bali, Indonesia:

This breathtaking island is one of the many natural wonders on my bucket list. The volcanic mountains and beaches with expansive coral reefs look like a dream come true. I love snorkeling and hope to someday explore this section of the “coral triangle” (hotspot for marine life). Additionally, the Balinese temples are beautiful representations of the culture’s religious life.


4.  Norwegian Fjords (any and all):

I would love to someday sail down the Norwegian Fjords. From a boat, riders can more easily look up at the gushing waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and serene landscape. The images I have seen online appear almost unreal. It must be magnificent to be just a small boat floating in one of nature’s most beautiful creations.


5.  Strasbourg, France:

I have been to Paris, France before (and absolutely loved it), but have never visited Strasbourg. All of the pictures I have seen look like they have been taken out of a storybook. The ornate decor of the buildings next to the pristine river looks beautiful.