Drawing With Purpose

By Tess Berghoff

Zaria Forman is an artist striving to bring awareness to climate change and show the fragility of Earth. Forman makes massive pastel drawings of glaciers to document climate change. Her drawings are incredibly realistic and overwhelming. At first glance, they look like photographs and while a drawing resembling a photograph doesn’t make it too far in the “Art World,” her pieces seem to transcend that limit. A photograph of these glaciers could not convey the staggering impact of the situation at hand. She personally travels around the world to see these remote landscapes which gives the unbelievable realism to her work. She gave a Ted Talk on the concept of her art and why she makes it. In her talk, she describes the purpose of her work, “My drawings celebrate what we all stand to lose.” Art that sends a message about our dire need for change and environmental consciousness is the art I want to see. 

Forman has been a huge inspiration to me as an artist trying to make some sort of impact with my own work. Combining global issues, whether it be climate change or social justice, with art has been a goal of mine since the moment I decided I wanted to be an artist. Seeing Zaria Forman show her work in more places (fun fact: her drawings have been featured on the set design for House of Cards) and gain a greater following has made me believe it is possible to use art as a foundation for change.